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Shanghai Launched Recruitment Platform for Financial Professionals

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Shanghai launched its online service platform ( for financial professional recruitment on 18th November. Around 200 financial institutions have registered on the website to date, and 100 of them have released 500 pieces of recruitment information, offering 10, 000 positions. As part of the government’s efforts to build Shanghai into a financial talent highland and to boost the development of financial institutions, the operation of the platform is essential to drive the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center and financial reforms and innovations within China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.  

Featuring with massive information, professional services, and public-benefit, the recruitment platform is prestigious for its: (a) wide coverage of various financial institutions, providing recruitment services to domestic or foreign-fund financial institutions, financial markets, financial agents, and financial information service providers in Shanghai; (b) capability of releasing large scale of financial professional recruitment information and internship opportunities; (c) professional services, including recruitment information release, resume management, data integration and analysis, talent policy consulting, specific recommendations of high-end professionals, and background check of financial professionals; (d) credibility in providing real and valid information of recruiting enterprises, work positions, and job hunters, which is ensured by strict review and dynamic management; and (e) mission to serve the public by providing cost-free recruitment platform to enterprises and introducing the financial institutions online.

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