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Themes and Issues for the Forum Sessions



Themes and Issues for Forum Sessions (2008-13)



Subjects of Plenary Sessions

Issues of Panel Sessions

Topics of Night Chat by the Huangpu 


China Financial Industry from a Global Perspective

China’s Macroeconomic Situation and Deepening Financial Reforms

Two-way opening of China’s financial markets

Global financial risks

New challenges of managing global foreign-exchange reserves

China’s Financial Industry in the Eyes of the World

Competition and cooperation among global and regional financial centers

China’s foreign-exchange regime reform and RMB capital account convertibility

China’s Macroeconomic Situation and Deepening Financial Reforms

Chinese financial institutions going global

Interest rate liberalization in financial reform

The future of the International Monetary System

Outlook of Global Financial Markets

A new leap in China’s capital market

Financial innovation and risk management

Acceleration of Building Shanghai into an International Financial Center

The universal banking model and effective regulation

The development and challenge of private equity funds in China


Finance and Economic Growth in a Globalized Age

Situation and Policies of China’s Economy and Financial Industry

Roles of financial markets in developing technology innovative companies and SMEs

Alternative investments after the crisis

Industry revitalization and financial services

Outlook on China’s Financial Markets

The US and Chinese economies and the global economic recovery

Financial regulation: new thinking after the crisis

Win-win financial cooperation between Shanghai and Taiwan

Outlook of the Global Economy and Financial Markets

Evolution of the International Monetary System and the role of RMB

New opportunities in China’s capital markets

Development of gold and commodity markets in the global economic crisis

Shanghai International Financial Center: Opportunities and Challenges under the International Financial Situation

Financial services and the development of China’s consumer market

Global financial service after the crisis


Economic Structural Adjustment and Financial Reform after the Crisis

Financial Development amid a Challenging Economic Recovery and Shifting Growth Patterns

Chinese financial institutions going global

Cooperation among the financial sectors of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China’s mainland

Maritime finance seeking breakthroughs via innovation

The development environment of PE and VC

Coordination between financial development and financial regulation under changing times

The role of the local  government in developing local financial industries

Reforms of Global Financial Cooperation and Regulatory Reform

Growth of small and medium enterprises and financial services

Financial market opening and development of the International Board

The future of a low-carbon economy and green finance

New Patterns of Shanghai in 2020 and International Financial Centers in the World

Development of strategic emerging industries and financial services innovation

Evolution of the International Monetary System

Development of the bond market and  optimization of financing structure

Development of the futures and derivatives markets


The Financial System and Its Macro Management in a New Era

Financial Reform and Economic Development during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period in China

Prospects of global oil, gold and commodity markets

Monetary policy, price levels and liquidity management

Interest rate liberalization and the development of financial derivatives markets in China

Role and opportunities of the financial industry in the development of technology and cultural enterprises

Prospects for World Economic Growth and Risk Factors

The two-way opening of China's financial market in the new era

Facilitating and accelerating cross-border RMB flows

Building a buoyant bond market in China

Financial cooperation and all-win strategy for China’s Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

New Moves in Global Financial Regulation and Prudential Oversight

Basel III and its impact on the global banking industry

Building Shanghai as an asset and wealth management center

Innovation and development of China's insurance industry

Improving the financial management framework for local governments

Opportunities for Shanghai in Building an International Financial Center in the New Era

Capital account liberalization during the 12th Five-Year Plan period

New financial businesses in the cyber age

Building a better ecosystem for financial development during the 12th Five-Year Plan

Roles of and opportunities for the financial industry in assisting Chinese Enterprises to go global


Financial Governance Reforms and the Development of the Real Economy

Deepening Financial Reform and Developing the Real Economy

European sovereign-debt crisis: the euro and Europe’s economic prospects

Emerging market economies and global economic prospects

Development of commodity futures and energy markets

The financial service needs of innovation companies

Reforms in the New Era for Global Financial Markets and Regulatory Frameworks

Paths of RMB capital account convertibility

Improving local financial regulatory frameworks and risk management

Development of the OTC market

Reform of local government financing activities

Developing shipping finance

Possible measures of interest rate and exchange rate liberalization in the near-term

RMB Internationalization and Globalization of China’s Financial Sector

Sino-European financial cooperation and the role of RMB

Creating a financial system for small and micro enterprises

Future development of China’s bond market

Construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center in the 12th Five-year Period (2011-15)

Insurance market innovation and pension system improvement

Financial information services and capital market development

Construction of the Shanghai Asset Management Center

New financial cooperation among China’s Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

New opportunities for PE cross-border investment


New Avenues for Financial Reform and Opening Up

Keynote Session I:

China Financial Reform and Opening Up vs. Economic Transformation and Upgrade (I)

New paths of financial support for urbanization

Challenges for China’s monetary policy from the quantitative easing policies of developed economies

Roadmap for interest and exchange rates liberalization

Keynote Session II:

China's Financial Reform and Opening Up vs. Economic Transformation and Upgrade ()

Promoting collaborative development of onshore and offshore RMB markets

New challenges and impetus for growing emerging economies

Financial consumer protection –law and practice

Accelerated development of China's OTC market

Plenary Session I:

New Changes in the Global Landscape and the New Balance in the Global Economy

Prospects for the development of Internet finance

Regulation of shadow banking

Construction and development of a multi-layered capital market

Real management innovation and financial institution transformation

Plenary Session II:

New Opportunities and New Challenges of Cross-border RMB Usage

Opening new areas of the financial sector

Expansion of private capital in the financial industry

New vitality in economic development – financial support to small and micro enterprises

The role of local government in economic development and regional financial risk management

Plenary Session III: Wealth Management and Construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center

New impetus for expanding domestic demand – exploring new models of consumer finance

Outlook for crude oil, gold and commodities markets

New aspects for cross-Strait financial cooperation



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